iGlimpse apps for the iphone and ipad developed in Devon

iGlimpse Team

Who are we?

A team with over 45 years combined experience in the international cross-media publishing industry. iGlimpse is our platform to engage with audiences and communities across the world by creating instructional content for lifelong learners, hobbyists and enthusiasts. Together, we've got unparalleled experience in the development of content with high production values, usefulness, authority and global appeal.

Stephen Bateman

Managing Director..



My involvement in international marketing has given me a wide ranging involvement in new product and new market development here and abroad. As well as a six year stint with Dorling Kindersley, I have occupied international roles and managing directorships at Longman, Hachette, David & Charles and F&W Media Inc.

Following book publishing, digital media was a “no brainer”, and founding iGlimpse in Exeter, surrounded by the rugged terrain of Dartmoor, has given me the recreational lab I craved to indulge my passion for app publishing on the iPhone and iPad, two devices I use continually whether in or out of doors.

I hold a Bachelor or Arts Honours Degree from University College London and a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (CIM) from London Guildhall University. I'm a bilingual French speaker and also currently pursuing a Professional Diploma in Digital Media Management at the Cambridge Professional Academy (CIM).

I offer insights on the future of media at my blog: http://concentricdots.com.



iGlimpse apps for iPhone iPad

iGlimpse apps for the iphone and ipad developed in DevonBenefits

How else will an app benefit my business?


Accessing social networks and online stores via an app are popular benefits but there are many others to consider as part of an overall marketing strategy.

iGlimpse apps for the iphone and ipad developed in DevonDo we charge?

Or give it away free?


There are a multitude of pricing and distribution options to consider as part of the overall marketing plan. But a freemium approach which offer a free app showcasing the content and functions but charges for an enhanced version with more features works very well.

iGlimpse apps for the iphone and ipad developed in DevonPromotion

How will we promote our apps?


Promotion is vital and efforts must push beyond popular methods for discovering apps including searching the app store, recommendations from friends and family and mentions in offline campaigns. iGlimpse works hard with its partners to ensure promotions reach deep into enthusiast communities to touch a maximum number of prospects.