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At iGlimpse we build Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, as well as Web Apps that work effectively in any web browser, on a smart phone, tablet, Mac or PC.

We design, develop and market mobile Applications that help users perfect their knowledge in any given discipline and help organisations reach mobile customers.

Success requires a multi-faceted approach to ensure positive ratings and feedback in the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android App Stores. Product testing and an ongoing development cycle are central to our methodology and ensure iGlimpse apps are truly “killer”. Getting the process wrong by overlooking critical elements in the mix can be a costly process, and that’s where we come in.

For businesses we provide affordable, low cost App Development for iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as Web Apps - our "Quick to Launch Mobile Apps".

We build them for less than you might think.
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Our brand new App for consumers, Nav Lights & Shapes, now in the Apple Store and Android Marketplace, is a comprehensive, fully illustrated study aid for recreational boaters wishing to learn and consolidate knowledge of the ColRegs. It's for anyone who is responsible for a vessel at sea, from the smallest dinghy to an ocean going supertanker, who day or night must be able to recognise other vessels and quickly interpret what they see around them.

Nav Lights & Shapes is designed to help all recreational and professional seafarers learn how to identify the vessels in their vicinity and the activities they are engaged in. The lights and day shapes displayed follow an international code specified by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Col Regs).

Now available:
Navigation Lights & Shapes + Col RegsNavigation Lights & Shapes + Col Regs

...a bit more about what iGlimpse does

We do two things: we are app publishers in our own right and we develop mobile applications for businesses and organisations.

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“We advise clients to keep it simple, to focus on one unique attribute, to keep the cost down in the initial phase and to evolve the app’s sophistication over time, once the ball is rolling and user uptake in tangible. This avoids unnecessary costs developing functions or content that people won’t use.”
Stephen Bateman, MD and co-founder of iGlimpse.

Mobile apps, app development, app design, app build - getting the right app design and app spec is crucial for the success of your App. It has to have the right look and feel and offer a simple straight forward use experience from the moment users download it. Our designers and usability experts help create a design that is both appealing and functional. From logo to graphic, from navigation buttons, content to data flow, we ensure your App build is appealing, easy to navigate and bug-free.

App Development

App development is a collaborative process. To begin with an app is just an idea and our expertise is to turn that into an affordable reality. At each stage of the process, we work alongside your team to ensure your app project is delivered on time and on budget.

We provide a complete end to end solution from App design and development, through marketing pre and post launch in the App store. Beyond that we maintain your app, update it and report on downloads and usage. For an informal chat, just contact us.

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iGlimpse apps for the iphone and ipad developed in DevonBenefits

How else will an app benefit my business?


Accessing social networks and online stores via an app are popular benefits but there are many others to consider as part of an overall marketing strategy.

iGlimpse apps for the iphone and ipad developed in DevonDo we charge?

Or give it away free?


There are a multitude of pricing and distribution options to consider as part of the overall marketing plan. But a freemium approach which offer a free app showcasing the content and functions but charges for an enhanced version with more features works very well.

iGlimpse apps for the iphone and ipad developed in DevonPromotion

How will we promote our apps?


Promotion is vital and efforts must push beyond popular methods for discovering apps including searching the app store, recommendations from friends and family and mentions in offline campaigns. iGlimpse works hard with its partners to ensure promotions reach deep into enthusiast communities to touch a maximum number of prospects.