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We’ve been working on a series of apps for water sports enthusiasts and professionals. The first of these projects is now in the app stores. Downloaded to Apple and Android devices by customers from as far afield as the United States, Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Qatar, Turkey... this App can be used all over the world - check out the video to find out more about why Nav Lights & Shapes is right for you:


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What some of the first users (including master yachtsmen and women) have said about our App:

"Very easy to use, wish i'd had this when I was doing dayskipper!"
"….excellent graphics, really first class clean design and accurate info..."
" Beautifully produced and very simple to use, a cool learning tool"
" Good app for anyone to use, especially when you are training for boatmaster, yachtmaster etc. Much easier than flip cards"

Screenshots of our new Nav Lights & Day Shapes App, now released in both the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace:

Navigation Lights & Shapes + Col Regs Col Regs Nav Lights

Who is the Nav Lights & Shapes app for?
Anyone who is responsible for a vessel at sea, from the smallest dinghy to an ocean going supertanker, day or night, must be able to recognise other vessels and quickly interpret what they see around them. This is not always easy, especially in crowded coastal waters.

Nav Lights & Shapes is designed to help all recreational and professional seafarers learn how to identify the vessels in their vicinity and the activities they are engaged in. The lights and day shapes displayed follow an international code specified by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Col Regs).

Using this app:
There are four main sections of this app: Nav Lights, Day Shapes, ColRegs and Test Yourself.

Nav Lights:
Nav lights are more complex and have greater variation than day shapes so we have included a nav lights basics section to help with fundamentals. There are graphics with drop down captions to help explain the basic rules for power and sailing vessels.

The remaining sections cover categories of vessels defined in the ColRegs. Graphic examples of different light combinations in each category are included, with drop down captions reproducing the appropriate rule for each example.

Day Shapes:
Graphic examples of each type of day shape are shown, with drop down captions reproducing the appropriate rule.

The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea Part C: Lights and Shapes (Rules 20 to 31) is reproduced in full.

Test Yourself:
A series of multiple choice questions with graphic representation of lights helps you check your knowledge.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the highest standards of accuracy are maintained throughout and hope you enjoy using this app and that you will find it an effective way of learning. Now available:

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